Dentron Cosmetic Imaging: Installation Guide


1)      Begin by inserting your Dentron Cosmetic Imaging CD-ROM into your PC. Copy the contents of the drive to a location on your hard drive (preferably C:). Navigate to the directory of…

\DENTRON Imaging\Driver\HASPUserSetup.exe

2)      After running this file, you should select KEYLOK 2 (USB w/Driver), and installation type Standalone.

3)      You should then be prompted with a window notifying you to disconnect the USB Dongle as the driver installs. Disconnect the flash drive until asked to reconnect it. If prompted by Windows with a Device Driver Installation Wizard, click next to continue.

4)      After the installation has completed, you should be greeted with a message that KYELOK (usbkey) USB driver is now ready to use.

5)      Reconnect the flash drive and click close on the following prompt.

6)      If prompted with a message from Windows about this program might not have been installed correctly, select the second option ‘This program is installed correctly.


7)      Navigate to the previous directory, the folder of DENTRON Imaging, and find the Dentron Imaging executable with the orange camera icon.

Right click the Dentron Imaging application, and select Create shortcut. Then, navigate to your windows desktop, right click again, and then select Paste.


8)      You should now be able to use Dentron Cosmetic Imaging. If prompted by Windows User Account Control, select the Yes button to allow the program to run.