Dentron Cosmetic Imaging: Getting Started



 The IDEA behind Dentron Cosmetic Imaging is to give a cosmetic presentation to EVERYONE who walks in the door. Even those who just come in for a checkup or filling. Old and new patients alike. Simply say something like...

    * We are giving FREE Smile Evaluation photos today. May I take a picture of your smile while we’re waiting for the doctor? It only takes a minute, and it’s free.

* You’re an excellent candidate for whitening (veneers, implants, etc). Would you like to see what you would look like? It only takes a minute, and it’s free.

NOTE: Taking a good photo to begin with, is critical to success.

  Make sure it's a BIG smile showing most of the teeth, but not an "open mouth" or exaggerated smile.

* Make sure the patient does not have their head tilted backward or forward, otherwise, the bite line may appear too "curved". Taking the picture from 3 feet away (zoom if necessary), and keeping the lens at the same height as their nose, wil help minimize this effect.

* ALWAYS use a FLASH. If you have a pop-up flash, make sure it is in the up position, and that IT ACTUALLY GOES OFF when you take the picture. Move the camera knob from “Auto” to “P” (program) if needed, and press the “lightning bolt” flash symbol to force the flash on.

* Remember that there are THREE WAYS to get pictures into Dentron Cosmetic Imaging. Handheld and then USB downloaded (Grabber button), from live onscreen video via USB with certain Canon cameras (Camera Button), and Imported from a file already on your computer (Import Button).




(A) Look at the flashing instructions at the top of the screen. In most cases, when you have selected something to do with DCI, it will flash at you, telling you what to do next.

(B) If you are about to do a procedure (such as “whitening”), you may put your mouse cursor over the button without clicking, and a “Click HERE for video help” button will appear. Click the button, and a short (one minute) video will run, showing you how to use that procedure. For instance, notice on the “Veneers” video help demo... 

Graphics professionals do not “draw” with the mouse when tracing an edge. They CLICK, LET GO, MOVE, AND CLICK AGAIN. Please practice this type of mouse movement, and you will immediately get superior results over the old way of holding down the mouse button and trying to trace in a continuous motion.

(C) Before clicking any button, put your mouse cursor over it. A small “Helpful Hint” will pop up next to your cursor, telling you what the button is for.

(D) If you are unsure of what to do next, look at the screen. Usually, DCI has the answer to your question, right in front of your eyes. Pay extra attention to the flashing instructions at the top, but look at all areas of the screen. Remember that on the FOLDERS screen, you can right click a folder or picture for more options, such as iPod export. When simulating veneers or full crowns, remember that you can use ALL of the controls in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click the TUTORIAL button at the top of the screen. It is suggested that you click ALL the buttons, and watch ALL of the videos. It will only take 10-15 minutes, and will make you an instant DCI expert!



Questions? Call us at (225) 612-8300


NOTE: Dentron Cosmetic Imaging will not run without your USB key. Do not lose the key, or allow it to be stolen. It is your legal license to run Dentron Cosmetic Imaging software. It is also your “ticket” to free updates, free library images, and low cost upgrades.