Hamamatsu Sensor on Windows 7 (64-bit)


The Hamamatsu sensor plugin written for DentalEye is meant to be fully compatible with both Windows XP and Window 7, but exhibits known issues during operation on a Windows 7 Operating System.

This is due to the Hamamatsu Plugin (the buttons for activating, deactivating, and changing sensor size settings) having bugs in the code that must require extra time for the plugin and DentalEye to ‘sync up’.

For example, after initially running DentalEye after the PC is turned on yields a period of 15-20 seconds of “hang time” in which the program seems unresponsive, and may appear ‘greyed out’ as if the program was crashing.

The only other time this problem comes to light is when exiting the Hamamatsu Plugin settings (found by clicking the wrench and hammer icon) after changing sensor size settings.

We employ a couple different workarounds to this problem:

1)      NoClose – Generally, we try to urge all staff members using DentalEye to simply only close out of the patient (small X) and not the entire application when seeing a patient has been completed. With the help of a small utility that disallows the CLOSE button on DentalEye, which prevents a user from accidently closing DentalEye and having to wait for nearly half a minute when DentalEye restarts (and reloads the sensor plugin).

2      Leaving DentalEye open throughout the day – it is a very lightweight piece of software and should have no issues running ‘in the background’ during the course of a workday. The latter option would be the better as having patients open in multiple rooms can cause problems while taking xray or manipulating images.

Attached below are the official release documents from DentalEye AB, (2010) Sweden.